Committed to providing our customers with superior Queen Bees

Our Queen Bees

We are committed to providing our customers with superior Queen Bees

Our investment into bee genetics combined with our team’s breath of experience and knowledge, provides the best possible Queen rearing conditions. 


Highly involved research to ensure high quality Queens

Our Queen Bee breeding program works in conjunction with the Future Bees programme and our own internal genetics program. This ensures the
genetic selection of our Queen Bees for positive traits of; gentleness, high
egg laying productivity, honey yield, appropriate body color and a low
swarming tendency.


Our dedicated Queen breeding unit ensures the best possible environment

To ensure the quality of our Queens, we have a dedicated Queen
breeding unit, with its own yards all perfectly positioned in the heart of sunny Marlborough. This allows us to provide the best possible breeding environment with prevalence of desired drones from father colonies.

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