Taylor Pass Reserve Manuka UMF® Honey

Get creative with - Taylor Pass Reserve Manuka UMF® Honey

For the ultimate in health and wellbeing, you can't go past our Reserve Manuka UMF® Honey. This honey truly does TASTE AS GOOD AS IT MAKES YOU FEEL. 

Eating healthy while busy can be hard, add a bit of extra goodness to your daily diet with our Reserve Manuka UMF honey. Use it as a dip for fresh fruit, add a teaspoon to your herbal tea or combine in your smoothie for a natural energy boost.

Make any poultry-based salad sing by adding a drizzle of grapefruit and our Reserve Manuka UMF® honey over the top.  Aromatic and rich - this one pairs particularly well with duck, but chicken is just as delicious.

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