Taylor Pass Honey:

A Sustainable Journey from
Hive to Jar

Taylor Pass in New Zealand is a gateway to some of the world's wildest and most pristine places.
As one of New Zealand’s most ethical honey brands, we respect and value our relationship with nature and are committed to sustainable practices. Inspired by the natural efficiencies of bees and their hives, we are dedicated to preserving the environment and producing high quality,
award-winning honey for generations to come.

From B Corp certification to environmental management systems and ongoing improvement initiatives, we strive for sustainability in every aspect of our operations.

B Corp Certification:

In 2022, Taylor Pass Honey achieved B Corp certification, recognising high social and environmental performance standards. As a Certified B Corporation, we are committed to being a force for good: Good for you and the planet. The certification recognises our dedication to maintaining exemplary standards of integrity and ethical performance, alongside other assurances such as Unique Manuka Factor (UMF®) grading, Non-GMO verification, and Oritain™ traceability. By meeting rigorous criteria, Taylor Pass Honey showcases its commitment to positively impacting society and the environment.

Sustainable Beekeeping Practices

At Taylor Pass Honey, sustainable beekeeping is at the heart of everything we do. Our beekeepers work in harmony with the rhythms of nature, following strict ethical codes to care for the environment and maintain the health of their bees.

By prioritising the wellbeing of the hives and supporting the environmental cycle through responsible pollination practices, Taylor Pass Honey ensures a balanced ecosystem and contributes to preserving biodiversity.

Environmental Management System

At Taylor Pass Honey, we employ an Environmental Management System encompassing waste generation, energy usage, water usage, and carbon emissions.

This system includes a policy statement demonstrating our dedication to environmental protection, an assessment of its business activities' environmental impact, and specific objectives and targets for minimising our ecological footprint.

Water and Energy Conservation

Water and energy conservation are critical priorities for Taylor Pass Honey. We closely monitor and record water usage, with reduction targets set relative to previous performance. Similarly, energy usage is carefully monitored, with absolute reduction targets regardless of our growth. By actively managing water and energy consumption, we ensure a positive environmental effect and promote resource efficiency.

Waste Reduction

We take a proactive approach to waste reduction. We regularly monitor and record any waste produced and work to minimise any future outputs.

By implementing waste management strategies and recycling initiatives, Taylor Pass Honey helps the transition to a circular economy.

Naturally Productive

Taylor Pass Honey is active in a long term initiative to improve honey productivity through natural traits. This innovative project, supported by the New Zealand government, focuses on identifying genetically superior bee families for enhanced honey production and overwintering survival.

By investing in research and collaboration, Taylor Pass Honey contributes to the sustainability and development of the New Zealand beekeeping industry.

Through B Corp certification, effective environmental management systems, and ongoing initiatives for water and energy conservation, waste reduction, and sustainable
beekeeping practices, we strive to set an example for all who work with nature.

By choosing Taylor Pass Honey, you can enjoy our exquisite honey's unique, award winning flavours and health benefits while supporting our planet's wellbeing.