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The Natural Way to Soothe a Burn with Mānuka Honey

Mānuka honey is well-known for its culinary uses, but it has many other usages that you may not know. Holistic health practitioners recommend Mānuka honey not only as a daily supplement to boost the immune system, but as a topical remedy for a variety of complaints. From wound healing to burn care, Mānuka honey has healing properties that hasten healing and prevent infection from becoming a problem. And applying just a small amount of this liquid gold is all that's needed!

What Makes Mānuka Honey a Good Remedy for Burns and Open Wounds?

Mānuka honey has a thick consistency that is soothing to the skin. It also has antibacterial properties that fight infection and keeps the skin moist and protected. Mānuka honey is considered to be a superfood because it has more nutritive value than other types of honey and when it’s applied to the skin, its nutrients are absorbed very similarly to when the honey is consumed in food.

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Kitchen Burns

Kitchen burns can range from very mild to severe. Mild or first-degree burns are characterised by reddish, irritated skin that is sensitive to the touch. Second-degree burns are identified by blisters that tend to grow bigger as time passes. Third-degree burns are quite severe and often appear to have blackened skin around an open wound. For mild burns and some less severe second-degree burns that can be treated at home, applying a small amount of Mānuka honey and an adhesive bandage to it can be helpful in starting the healing process.


Sunburns are different from kitchen burns in that they normally don't penetrate deep into the skin. Mix one part Mānuka honey with three parts lotion or facial cream, blend well, then apply the mixture evenly to your sunburnt areas. Do not rub it on, instead apply gently by blotting on the skin. As the skin absorbs the mixture, you will need to apply more. Continue to apply to the skin for two or three days to ensure it stays moist.

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What Does “Medical Grade” Mean?

The term “medical grade” means that a food or supplement meets the strict standards required to be used for medicinal purposes. Mānuka honey is graded by a specific scale called the UMF rating. The Unique Mānuka Factor determines the purity of the honey, as well as its potency. Mānuka Honey with a high UMF rating may qualify as medical-grade if it is manufactured under the right conditions. Because some burns may cause open blisters or lesions, it's important that you only use medical-grade Mānuka honey on severe burns. If in doubt, always seek medical advice.

Getting any type of burn can be irritating and extremely painful. Applying Mānuka honey will soothe the burn and allow the damaged skin to start healing almost immediately. Its antibacterial properties will protect against infection while the nutrients begin to nourish and strengthen the skin. You can apply it as often as you like to keep the skin supple and elastic, while also reducing the risk of scar tissue.

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