Cheese and Grape Grilled Crostinis

Cheese and Grape Grilled Crostinis

Recipe by: @taylorgolub


  • Sourdough slices
  • Variety of your favourite cheeses - our picks are herb goat cheese, brie, gorgonzola or feta!
  • Grapes
  • Thyme
  • Crushed walnuts
  • Taylor Pass Honey


  1. Roast grapes onto a large baking sheet at 230C for 10 minutes or until grapes begin to burst.
  2. Brush sourdough slices with olive oil and place onto grill until grill marks appear - grill on both sides of the toast.
  3. Spread a variety of cheeses onto each toast.
  4. Place roasted grapes on top of the toasts.
  5. A little thyme tastes wonderful on the feta cheese toast.
  6. Add toasted crushed walnuts along with a drizzle of Taylor Pass Honey on the toasts.
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