Honey Buzz Cocktail

Honey Buzz Cocktail

This easy (and beautiful) cocktail is such a refreshing and delicious way to end the week. The sweetness of the honey balances out the tartness of the grapefruit, making the two a match made in heaven. What's better is we've used a Manuka blend honey for an added immunity booster. 

PREP TIME: 10mins


  • 1 Cup Taylor Pass Manuka Blend Honey
  • 1/2 Cup Hot (but not boiling) water
  • 3 cups of gin
  • 2 cups of pink or red grapefruit juice
  • Ice
  • Rosemary to garnish


  1. Dissolve Taylor Pass Honey in hot water in a punch bowl or pitcher. Let cool. Stir in gin and grapefruit juice. 

  2. Half fill your glasses with ice and pour over gin mixture.

  3. Garnish with rosemary and enjoy!
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