Iced Mānuka Honey Matcha Latte

Iced Mānuka Honey Matcha Latte

Adding Mānuka honey to your favourite beverages can help you achieve glowing skin from the inside out! One of our favourite go-to recipes is a delicious and refreshing Iced Mānuka Honey Matcha Latte with collagen. Not only is it a great midday pick-me-up but it also helps with skin elasticity, a boost of antioxidants and brain power! 

Serves: 1


Manuka Honey Taylor Pass Honey Co


  1. Mix together 1 tsp of ceremonial grade matcha, 1 scoop of collagen and 1 tbsp of Taylor Pass Mānuka Honey.
  2. Add 8-10oz warm water.
  3. Thoroughly mix or blend.
  4. Pour over ice.
  5. Top with frothed coconut or oat milk.

Ready to give it a go? Shop our Taylor Pass Mānuka Honey here and get started. Enjoy!

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