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We couldn’t help but notice you, noticing us so we thought we’d share a little bit about ourselves.

Discover our story, what makes our honey unique and our sustainability journey towards a better future by reading the below.

From the moment you first taste our honey, a small part of you will find a home here in New Zealand. We can’t wait for you to try.


Taylor Pass in New Zealand is a gateway to some of the world’s wildest environments: Remote, Pristine places to treasure and preserve. Taylor Pass Honey sustainably captures the true essence and remarkable flavours of this awe-inspiring land. 

In the crisp mountain air, hidden valleys, kissed by sunlight, hum with the songs of abundant nature, and for brief periods native trees like Manuka and Rata blossom and wildflowers bloom. Here our beekeepers work in harmony with the rhythm of the environment, letting nature guide them. Through respectful partnership and the lightest of touches, they take care of the land and ensure our bees are some of the healthiest in the world. As our beekeepers say, they literally shine! The proof of our approach is in the product. 


Each jar of Taylor Pass Honey tells the unique story of the land & the flowers that bloomed. Purity, authenticity, and origins are fully traceable. 

Taylor Pass Honey is famed for its unique flavours and healing properties. Our UMF® Manuka Honey range is guaranteed to have a Unique Manuka Factor of 5+ or higher. 100% pure and independently tested, Taylor Pass Honey Manuka Honey has the unique signature compounds for which this exceptional honey is famed. Harvested from native Manuka, a tree found in coastal areas of New Zealand, the aromas and flavours of Manuka Honey have a distinctively sophisticated sweetness.

At Taylor Pass, our beekeepers understand that honey is the essence of both a place and time, a culmination of flavours that tells the unique story of the land and all that exists around it. When that land is pure New Zealand, and some of the planet’s most wild places, the taste is truly transporting. 

Enjoy a spoonful of Taylor Pass Manuka Honey or our other renowned native and wildflower varietals for a boost of natural energy and goodness.


As New Zealand producers, we have a special connection to the land - a relationship founded on care and respect, and an inherent understanding that when nature thrives, we all thrive. We work to ensure the ethical sustainability of our beekeeping practices, monitoring weight, temperature, harmonics and hive environment to ensure each hive is flourishing.

Tending to the bees and the hives and maintaining their balance and wellbeing, our beekeepers develop an intimate knowledge of their unique behaviours. And, inspired by the natural efficiencies of those bees, we work with the lightest touch, so our award-winning honey, and this spectacular environment, can be enjoyed for generations.